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Default fffffff

"if ur refering to 5 percenters when u say "people who taught Wu Tang" then id say those 5 percenters are lazy."

the above comment is lazy

" heres a good page showing how old the earth is based on radiometric aging on metorites and rocks.

now please show me any proof whatsoever that the earth is trillions of years old."

your getting into a debate that is un-proveable

european science has damn near destroyed the planet so you might as well be trying to sell Sara Sutten Seti a ticket to the Justin Timberlake concert than trying to get me to believe anything in that link

guess what om not even clicking it

om not gonna feed your addiction....your addicted to a chemical reaction on your brain when you debate from your emotional mentally battered point of view

furthermore you can bring up any foul world ruler of the least they did pollute the water supply with industrial waste...just visualize that shit for a second...BP oil spills and shit.....acid rain....lead in the soil....

visualize will either become the mentally battered bitch you are or you gonna look cee what the lessons mean when it says the white man is the devil

"so ur basicly saying 5 percenters make up bullshit which is ignorant so that people like me will be kept away from the lessons.

so who do these lessons attract. if they attract people who think humans only have 6 ounces of brain then most of the 5 percenters dont have a very good understanding of life"

eye always understood that degree to mean 6 ounces of brain power...
and also that original man is not trapped below 6(earth, marijuana etc)

and being that the number 5 eye feel is the best number eye can feel the Seven and half concept

"i dont see what any of this has got to do with cubans. "

that wasn't even addressed to was directed to the gusano

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