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Default fffffffff

"do u want me 2 explain how theyre lazy"

No eye don' clearly are not sane and eye don't wanna converse with an insane lazy victim mentality having asshole who is addicted to the chemical reaction formed in the brain when getting in petty arguements

what eye want you to do is walk up to Popa Wu's face...maybe backstage at a show and tell Popa Wu..."YOU ARE LAZY" would make you look alot less pussy-clottish in mah eye....

"ur not clicking on the link cuz u dont want to look at evidence. ur closing ur eyes and putting fingers in ur ears. true i cant 100% prove how old the earth is but theres a strong amount of evidence that says the earth is 4.5 billion years old. theres no evidence whatsoever to say the earth is trillions of years old. and again it was an american scientist who came up with this age of the earth. i dont c why ur so keen on mentioning european scientists."

om not clicking it cuz you are clearly a bitch and and insane!!!!!!!

"european science cant corrupt the earth cuz its a field of study. its not a thinking person or god. its a field of study so how can it harm or benefit any1."

eye repeat european science has damn near destroyed the planet

"i think my point of view is perfectly sound and sane. i wouldnt describe it as battered. oil spills and acid rain are accidents. its not people trying to be cruel. i can bring up plenty of world rulers who have done far worse."

you just admitted you are not sane in the other thread...

you cannot bring up any world ruler worse than the global system of white in northern Virginia on a hot summers day eye would just love to just take a dip in one of the creeks around here.....but eye can' know why....cuz YOUR people are running the planet right now.....chemtrails in the could test every bit of the oceans water and you gonna find some kind of plastic in it....

bp oil spills and acid rain is no accident you insane motherfucka

thats what happens when white people from all around the planet unite in the name of keeping halting the genetic elimination of white people....

om only gonna state what eye can prove.....and eye can defineatly prove that no world ruler in the past 6000 years has come ANYWHERE REMOTELY CLOSE to being as devilish as this current world ruler known as the global system of white supremacy.....

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