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"5 percenters are miles worse at black washing than all white people's white washing combineds"

just more proof that you have lost your damn mind....on a hot summers day eye can't take dip in the local creeks cuz they are too polluted as a result of the global system of white supremacy....

eye think we have established your complete lack of sanity and credability......

you think that 5 percenters black wash is worse than a white wash that has the planet on the brink of destruction....a white wash that has people catching Cancer all around the world....the world is in a terrible state.....but you actually in your bird brain think that 5 percenters teaching the oppressed people in the inner city are worse than the oppressor of all people on the planet....

what eye have learned from this gigantic waste of time of responding to you is that Sugar on Shit black nationalists are 1000 times better than a sugar on shit white nationalist such as YOURSELF.....
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