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I spit medicinal arson armed with harpoons ‘n’ balloons with shards in ‘em, bars possess venom, knock out your wisdom tooth / dumb fuckin’ ignorants, I meant to intrude ‘n’ humiliate you ‘cuz you front who you affiliate, let’s see what it really takes / Egyptian Mayan thought designin’ derived with derivatives, selective serotonins I take, I remain uninhibited / ingrain my name on tha mixtape ‘n’ MCs recede from how I intimidate / there’s no rebate, it’s verbal road rage on tha L.A. freeway, so seize tha day ‘n’ live it like it’s your last ‘cuz it just may be / refund me for your wack verse, expand your mind to tha vast landscapes of Earth / swerve my sword swivel, travel tha world criminal, I never dribble / it’s difficult to comprehend how you even got signed spittin’ that lame drivel / with tha drive of Sittin’ Bull, tackle tha mathematical, I acclimate my nasal passages to aggravants…
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