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threats get stretched like erections ‘n’ flesh / your basic rap style is garbage / my shit is Ivy League like Dartmouth ‘n’ Harvard / I sport a scarf when I take it to tha next level ‘n’ rob ya, it’s God drun / ninjas get shot aggressively, check this mutt’s pedigree/ on or off tha clock I’ll take off your knot incredibly, just Let It Be, like Paul McCartney / doors is left ajar ‘n’ there’s 5 coke grams under tha baby’s carseat / yo, my tech is in tha trunk broham, I stand my ground when there’s no fam around starin’ down a 4 pound / I dryhump tha track from tha back, grenade launch your bivouac poignant ‘n’ prolific, paranoid, call me Hanoi’s whiz kid / I soak my methadone in astringent then sniff it, ‘n’ all you hipsters is bitches / y’all can’t fuck with tha verbal bigwig, bigger than Stewie Griffin / loosies get dipped in sherm ‘n’ I get scripted in cement shit..
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