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Twisted Science shaolin monk

effective progressive public displays of aggression’ll make your head twist / Science lets Knolege set like sediment / alleged residents politickin’ like freshly reelected presidents / Science got it etched in stone ‘n’ throws ‘em in a glass home / to atone for past discrepencies, I push it like Salt ‘n’ Pepa ‘n’ Spinderella / Black chocolate ‘n’ French vanilla, Butter Pecan hoes at Chowchilla / tao chi of a verbal Killah Godzilla, cottonmouth thoughts gouge for skrilla / well-endowed mental havoc is wrought, innocence gets pillaged / castrate your genitals, I’m never gental / you faggots all sound identical / I wax fact, swag gets slashed in half, I paid tax on a higher bracket / I slap you homos, try to enter tha dojo, stuck in a rowboat with no oars / how you gonna orate with your lips sewn? you’re no more, try to foul me, you can’t fuck with Southern Cali / your style’s drowsy, verbal fodder, your shit is cowfeed / duke, I’m your father, laud me like Tom Sawyer with tha pseudonym / I author novels that impregnate bitches in brothels / Twisted, tha man, tha myth, legendary / livin’ landmark in a statuary, livid ‘n’ vivid…
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