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by tha time you get this letter Iíma be at tha top with my indelible spot on tha ledger of Hip Hop / intravenal rhymes / a hundred CCs in tha shot / a hundred-thousand MCs cook in tha verbal crock pot / perfect circle gets tha square / beware / brightened flair over kick Ďní snare / Golden State Warrior hyphen King Davidís heir, whoís wiser than Solomon / semi-colon Ďní youíre sentenced to a bout in tha Judean Lionís lair / tha Savior of Rap / Iíll cremate it then bring it back to tha craft of fine lyrics / cheap wine / I reap lines sown within tha lineage of literal literary Olympians / tha Godís got jokes, yet folk, this ainít 1 of them / align what Iíve spoken, roll up a g-note Ďní snort it up both noses Ďcuz all I spit is dope like tha pigs is gropiní my throat Ďní Iím chokiní / Miloís verseíll get you open, fool Ďní no, I ainít feeliní jovialÖ
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