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break tha olive branch in half / splash a sound wave ‘n’ leave a gapin’ hole in your face / segmented consecutive life sentences drape tha track / ipso facto, in fact I react with rap that smashes every bone ‘n’ leaves bodies intact / knowledge is self / remember that when shottie blast your physical entity ‘n’ removes half an extremity / I got 16 bar remedies for rap’s dope sickness / my graphics’ll get you twisted / but don’t get Twisted twisted / monograms of my moniker’s initials are seen on sonogram monitors /official premature births of infants addicted to tha verses that Milo regurgitate/ I blurt pent up anger when I take it back to 8 tracks / 95 beats per minute minuets / stay in tha SHU ‘cuz Twist’s a threat / tha verbal apex / yo, kid - gimme your Avirex / you soft core bitch, performin’ fake sex…

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