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keep my charismatic scholastic faculties of highest regard / Science is free regardless of iron bars / behold, tha scars bestowed upon Miloís heart / you ever sparred with a demon in tha pale moonlight? Itís like tha dyke burst / splash your mind with a hype verse like tha mic circumvented the amp / catch tha megahertz / those that choose is never beggars / which coast is you ? I bless tha Western Ďní reflect intellect / infrared lyrics thatís never seen yetís always heard / keep my distance from those that ďJerkĒ / tha hard-headed never learn / once courtís adjourned, I snatch purse / if itís a black hearse or Iím cremated, laymen better heed my word thatís turgid / dinosaurs roared tha Earth when I 1st went berserk Ďní devised this holysermon / weariní a kerchief for thoughts that rob you for what you work for / call this a term war / strangle opponents with tha mic cordÖ
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