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reverse, chase tha white horse / ass 1st acrobatic, grammatic splashes attack from tha cyborg / iron tongue, iron fist, iron sword / iron mic, slices with iron metaphors / mine eyes is twice immunized when tha sign of Gemini arrives in tha horizon on either side of aurora borealis / behave as I’ve seen tha ages, dazed ‘n’ confused / hand-painted rhymes abused like sleepin’ beauties / a.k.a. floosies with fat botties tapped after sniffin’ “White Lines” laced with Roofies / vision ‘n’ dreams of passion fruit mixed drinks in God’s stomach / at tha Summit, spot a cipher / hop in, scrape repugnant MCs with tha pummice / you bitches is late, like 2 months after I came raw, ‘n’ never told you dullards Twist was comin’ / forgive them, Lord for commercialists know not what they do / they need to study Science’s jewels…
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