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stick with me, I swing verbal calligraphy / mucho validity I bring, seen with vivid colors shinin’/ charged with murder rap, narrow escape yo, I strangle tracks / debate a fact originator, display rhymes in all caps / all-plastic gats splash lower to tha higher brass, never flash ‘cuz if so I’ll react with heavy iron blasts / they fed me iron as a lad, my pen spit fire on tha pad / tire iron crack a skull in half / I see more blood than Vlad or gatherings @ Damu pads / dark, I brood darts far from tha booth centered / when I enter I take charge of a room, chakras ‘n’ armed with sharp katanas, boom sparks marijuana / my Nirvana loops, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, Sammy “tha Bull” Gravana shoulda bounced to Bermuda / Triangle, I strangle rats that’s stoolies, Bible pages get ripped ‘n’ wrapped snug for potent woolies
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