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Twisted Science shaolin monk

armed n dangerous, aim my statements straight n make tha paint chip / my vocal cords grace a generation with indentations/ pull my sword n leave gapin holes in faces / raid palacious estates n rape n pillage rap patrons that all wear frilly aprons / I consecrate tha congregations with anthologies n compilations / always implicated in rap n Hip Hop innovation, tha bass kicks in tha track simulate tha flame stimulated by tha hatred contained by Satan which is indicated within tha Book of Revelation / shook rappers get jooked for they rhyme notebooks / fuck a gown n a coathook / refer to me as a cokecook cuz what I wrote is tha dopest n to get loaded, you rap fiends cluck your t.v.s n your sofas / I tote 16 bars, a toast ready to spark n last night I killed my emotions
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