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call it solid Hip Hop knowledge, followin’ hollow tips, swallow this or empty tha wallet quick like kids at colleges / neeners, 8ths ‘n’ teeners, four-fifths ‘n’ street sweepers / excrete heat, send non-believers back to tha ether / finders keepers, MCs, B-boys ‘n’ piecers / my mind’s a shrine to ill rhyme, I kill time grabbin’ my peter / wax her keister, Los Angeles, jagged javelins stabbin’ y’all funny faggot-ass bastards faster than bunny rabbitts at fuckin’ Easter / ruckus, ravage, duckets ‘n’ cabbage / jump out tha bucket ‘n’ ravenously dump death, fill up tha casket / drastic hazardous, forgot your jacket? duck behind tha trash bin or all up in a coffin’s where your ass’ll get…
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