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I break necks ‘n’ drown MCs like cement shoes in tha Chesapeke / let it be a lesson from me, don’t worry – it’s only 16 / an effin’ steal, some charge 17.5 ‘n’ claim it’s real, while mine’ll burn ya like amphetamine / my pen is shaped like a blue steel burner ‘n’ my nickel-plated bars’ wanted for murder / who tha fuck you think you is cat? Enter tha Dragon, you get bitch-slapped / I’ll kick you with my Kung Fu shoes right in tha gonads / I’m sick of this y’all callin’ rap / straight up, y’all more ass than Nicki Min-aj in a 2-piece / bootylicious, some wear Kufis, others stay lifted strapped with bisquits ready to splash ‘n’ act out they ignorance/ smack you with a closed fist, there’s no excuse for you like atch-oos / leave ya ears ringin’ like dope fiend’s crack fumes / scavage, I avenge against below-average rappers to make tha 3rd eye wise ‘n’ actions behave civilized…
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