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an MC plural with his pupils big / exuberant excerpts that praise me, my lyrics is so ill that they consume pens / my euphemisms is explicit, California indigenous, whole cliques begin to crumble when I spit / so precise I speak fact to teach tha ignorant, Spice up your life with a spliff / I twist ‘em tight ‘n’ for that they call me Twisted, 1 man on a mission to bring back tha lyrics / always in tha lab like I’m a chemist, rexamine self ‘cuz you too timid ‘n’ your wack shit’s ridiculous / I condescend your compositions with sarcastic bars that’s classic ‘n’ cut in half tha opposition, my thoughts is post-apocalyptic / an esophagus gets torn out a throat when I swarm MCs swipin’ golden ropes draped with record company logos / you ain’t no MC, you only granules of dope while I’m like 10 keys / go back ‘n’ study tha rap manual before you speak / my infallible style unloads ‘n’ puts holes in fuckers’ cheeks / come ‘n’ have your Last Supper with me / my body’s rhymes ‘n’ my soul’s tha beat / my shit’s like vocab explosives ‘n’ ya’ll steez like Jodeci…
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