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desperate times call for desperate measures, I spit psychoanalytic lectures read from tha Hip Hop rhyme ledger / allegories ‘n’ parables phrased tha flyest as Science’ll never pass tha bejeweled sceptre / once upon a time I got high off of ‘caine, my verses make rain fall from tha blue sky ’n’ ruin parades / I excavate gaping holes in brains, my hatred ‘n’ disdain murked tha rap game / my visionary visuals’ll bitch slap Lil Wayne / God’s beamer’s untraceable ‘cuz I always change tha chamber after gunplay/ yo, I’m tha progeny of pain so I lace tracks with anger but I ain’t player hatin’, I just hate you player / my sword’s a saber ‘n’ I display ill jargon slang in tha bars that I create / Intelligent Designer, tha Killah God killin’ fakes ‘n’ one-timers with nines ‘n’ AKs…
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