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Twisted Science shaolin monk

Science, tha wordsmith works his verses to get tha Earth to spin in reverse-type manner / matter of factly, most cats can’t grasp me / any track with me’s dramatically slappin’, bitches clasp to me like static cling / tha half-attractive half-savage Anglo-Saxon sans freedom raps regarding Los Angeles ‘n’ its many amenities / 16 bars of pornographic imaging, I stand for liberty ‘n’ justice, I’ll leave your brain in crutches / fake bitch, I spit razor blade shit that cuts quick, sick ‘n’ ill wit that pillage ‘n’ plunder villages / you surrender your will to live to be as close to Science / my tongue’s my sword, I’m a cutthroat but you’ll get a Colombian Tie quick/ I is God, that’s iron law ‘n’ I’m tha thorn in tha lion’s paw / scribe to survive guerilla style, scriptures, my rap militia’s militant / killin’ kids with my pen, pensive is how my sentence is spit when tha ink drips…
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