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you be diggin’ tha boom-bap, heads nod ‘n’ necks crack / sociopath rap claps a sycophantic yes-man / with flat black Krylons, designin’ Science’s name on tha side of Mt. Zion / with a fat cap or a Testor tip that flares Hip Hop’s debonair / empty clips ‘n’ snort ephedrine derivatives / tha voice of tha God’s tenor will need tenacity to grasp creed / when Twist spits, most of humanity can’t believe Milo’s limericks of wit / witness tha greed of Ganesh, Vishnu ‘n’ tha Holy Spirit / you heretics clash with my vocal arrogance / my Soul pulls lyrics from tha dome, then they splash my larynx with fury / 730, sendin’ femcees to Heaven early / cat’s trapped on Earth need a verse from me tatted to receive mental food / this nickel plated sermon’ll nourish fools…
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