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complexer than astrophysics, an evolved spirit / my lyric draws appearance before auditories could ever hear it / tha most severest poem pierces domes like tha purist blow thrown up a nose off broken mirrors / I lear at my enemies who have tha right to remain in fear of me / rappers today’s hilarity, Science writes parodies that drives ‘em to psychotherapy / straight up, they’re tha literal epitome of pitiful / when a pistol’s pulled, their will folds ‘n’ in their grill they hold a fistful of Milo’s half-flacid genitals / yo, I fiddle with vernacular, tha shit that’s integral for rap, all they got is pop sensation plaquards / I’ll pop six in their face ‘n’ tha last thing they’ll hear is Science laughter / hail fear ‘cuz it’s real clarity, I’m tha One Man Rap Conspiracy reppin’ ruck / my Kung-Fu got more moves than David Carradine / these MCs feel complacency ‘cuz there’s no beef / when what I wrote gets spoken they’ll feel tha flame from my manmeat / they’ll leave like arms ‘n’ amputees ‘cuz I spark bars when I spar that leaves marks ‘n’ make a cat weep…
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