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Iíve twice tha finesse of refined diamonds on broken needles / word is bond, I retard a Godís word retrieval / bless cognizance on copywritten lyrics, positioned in dossiers right next to semi-gloss pictures / fixtured semi-auto Glocks place fissures in a victim / quick to pick them / spit tha wisest wisdom, my cock spit gizm in tha bitch vagina socket / my Hip Hop licks shots out / cunnilingus rap/ my rhymes slap Ďní 3 Gs is in my left pocket / my similes is metaphoric Ďní I got thoughts in my archives thatís archaic like stegosaurus / my verse invades brainwaves as do endorphins when you massage a broadís cli-tor-is / dopamine, enepinephrine / my actions is impetuous, yet Iím tha quintessent antithesis of pointless violence / I spit double-jointed white hot rhymes that light joints, tha highest verbal contortionistÖ
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