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all these rappers’ managers is applicants to have me on a track with them / hit tha mic from tha back, my rhymes get more head than dandruff / I don’t pimp bitches, I pander Hip Hop that’s like fishscale bricks cut into nickel rocks / Gnostic thoughts is brought in clips inside of Glocks / you’ll see tha God like the Apostles on tha Pentecost / you’re caught slippin’ ‘cuz you ain’t Teflon Don material / your rhyme style’s just like oral venereal’s / these lines make MCs overdose / liquefied lyrics keep cats noddin’ like Pakistani dope / dirty fiends put syringes in their throats, go to clinics, pick up methadone ‘n’ go ‘n’ throw it up their nose / yo, I script poems of odes to meth, but I revoke the amphetah / my Blunted Soulinvokes me to smoke bowls ‘n’ spit flame engraved within my ledger / I hold a vocal Beretta ‘n’ a golden sceptre on tha throne…
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