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from my side of tha mic, I ignite genocidal homocide / a vocal samurai here to cut in half you pantomimes / stab you, remove your enzymes / analyze Hip Hop ‘n’ canonize what I spit / tha Rap Zionist, New Jerusalem be my environment once my body die/ Blunted Soul, Blunted Stanzas / rob random without a bandana on/ yo, you so pussy here’s a box of tampons / I’m so raunch, I make NA sponsers fall off wagons, chasin’ dragons / I’m tha Idiot-Savant of Rappin’ with a stiff cock ’n’ a Glock ratchet of ten clappin’ applause at you savages / I embody dope fiends ’n’ addicts from Los Angeles / yo, my cracker-ass got fat lips, I need large amounts of Chapstick / I attract chicks with madd tits ’n’ mount ’em from behind so I could slap they ass cheeks…
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