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money, I got amazin’ statements that’s doctored but I’ve no patience, I stay bent with my nose runny / guns be clickin’, clips empty ‘n’ cliques fall, sprawled out with chalk as cops surround tha block, double-ups on tha spot / rollin’ deep like pockmarks, Uzis, Mac-10s ‘n’ camoflauge / close homie got shot ‘n’ I should feel all distraught / yet I choke back emotion hefty, text message tha Black ghetto chickenhead, you know tha 1 with tha HEFTY GHETTO BUTT DARK-SKINNED CHOCOLATE RAT THAT ARCH HER BACK WHEN SHE FUCK / look at Science crosseyed you get your ass stuck, battle Milo One you’ll be a has-was / believe, I pack one with a full clip ‘n’ every other one of my bars is a tracer so I could see at nighttime when I spit atcha / flashback to ‘96, Science is tha grimiest / steelin’ whips ‘n’ smokin’ dope with Hense, effin’ half-Black half-Siamese twins with big racks / takin’ half-gram blasts ‘n’ walkin’ in wired to math class, holdin’ ciphers in tha back / my steez of rap is Hip Hop mashin’, when tha Glock clicks it make Milo’s cock spit / I hold thoughts hostage ‘n’ knock knowledge outta noggins…
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