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what I’ve written hightens tha senses of tha wise with extra wisdom / et cettra, tha ignorant are just antagonized / my Bereta 9 splash, they ass get victimized / crews of pantomimes is sour ‘n’ plagiarize, searchin’ for a Higher Power / effin’ cowards, I’m an empowered man that strikes heavy on tha geiger counter like plutonium / I hold all tha keys like custodians ‘n’ my Hip Hop shines like I just waxed tha floor with linoleum / I spit doper than coke spliffs ‘n’ Chinese dens of opium / I stand on my soapbox at tha podium at tha learning Annex ‘n’ host a symposium / thoughts travel in nanoseconds, my vocals molest domes moseyin’…
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