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tha way I entrap rap is with a slap to tha face, nickelplated slurs clap with metaphors n slang / Hip Hop thats hardcore, my vocal cords is rang, tha lines I script fire tha iron clip in tha nine milli / I light 5 Phillies n my Achilles is robbery, tha don of rap with empty G-packs, I lace cracks not illie n wax bitches from tha back / i got more agility than blackbelts n yoga students / tha voices in my head got great acoustics / Fate is to choose n take what you do with it with tha wisdom of tha wisest / my science is defiance, a felon Designed by Intellect that brought nexus of tha constellations / amputate mics, I take bites of tha consecrated n cause fright n pause sight through tha corneas / tha rights of tha cerebrum as tha lefts tha cerebellum / word is bond yo, Ima smash Souljah Boy Tell em
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