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co-dependent upon co-defendants, you bitches is tempted to rat, what they play on air ain’t close to rap / load tha DAT with 16 bars in the gat, I stay scarved up with my sawed off stashed under tha dash / exit tha whip splashin’ melodramatics, rap is never out of fashion with retroactive throwbacks, yo, these cats need a refresher course in how to spit a verse, 12-gauge words get sprayed hellacious at the latest perp / commercial rappers is all trend, I set to follow it, wallets get snatched, call me president-elect ‘cuz I politick hollowtip verbal swastikas that accost eardrums, swallow it whole, these thoughts is like shots of vodka serums / thirsty for eternity like I’m on a hunger strike, thugs is mice, Van Gogh rhymes cut off your ear twice / as it appears sex’ll lie on videotape, instant gratification, come here ‘n’ I’ma slap you in tha face…
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