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villainous / they’re dead, does it matter how I killed ‘em with / kindness that’s hostile, smash ya windpipe, computer synthesize when you spit rhyme / you ain’t no MC, wearin’ panties like Cheryl Tiegs / industry stroke your mind like Da Vinci / hissi-fit bitch, impregnate your kind ‘n’ watch you bittie tittie size increase / skip me with ya false epiphanies, tha Science within my exalted litanies are quite riveting, ya’ll just blowin’ smoke like chimnies / Milo, tha Catalyst chaotic, I smash cabbages like casabas, center chakras with marijuana packages / peep this, tha MC Jesus / Messianical tactics, brought back tha ‘90s Hip Hop chronicles / a thousand raps stashed under tha mattress, lampin’ back with a savage, grab him with stanzas ‘n’ smack him up like Cassius / splash you commercial rappers with urinary tract infections / purist bless tha track, yo let’s bring tha Culture back…
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