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you Marconi rappers’ bars is phony, groping for commercial success in a world of phonies, carry tha globe on my back / throw blow up my nose armed with strongarm rap, where your darts at? sharpen those before you attack / hardcore, I hit tha mic raw from tha back like a barwhore / stay on guard, I’ll show you what my scarf’s for / been ill since a snotty nose, I chop ‘n’ sniff the audio / I can’t believe you ain’t no MC like Fabio / my pet peeves is to be set free, blowin’ Lebonese hashish ‘n’ gettin’ skiid, I keep tracks wrapped in obscenity-laden soliloqies / my nasal drainage coats my similes with hatred, I tote nickelplated mics that resemble 9s / I pierce minds ‘n’ leave brains achin’ / look into my eyes, you’ll see truth lies in every statement / I’m an addict, fuck drug recreation, although time’s a-changin’ in how I act in every situation / for tha lowly mind I gravedig ‘n’ lace tha pen with constant conscientious elevation, ignorance I alleviate it / my septum’s been deviated, amazement never ceases to clasp me, do you grasp I’ll cut your stereo in half?
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