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Many african urban dwellers live in slums.

these slums spring up because there are cities where 6000 people are flooding into every week without a dime to their name. Their goal is to become rich or at least be able to live comfortably and have access to the oppurtunities in the cities. People thus leave their villages and when they can't find a reasonable place to live they collect trash and make a hut to stay in. Their belief if they'll only be there for a little bit until they strike it big then they can move out. Because of a lack of formal employment in comparison to the population and it's constant influx, they end up stuck there, and having the make their own informal employement.

I'll again use Lagos because it's what I know. there's really no unemployed ppl in Lagos. Everyone has a way of making money but it's usually informal. There are people that dive to the ocean floor without dive equiptment, fill buckets with quality sand, swim back up with the buckets, and sell the sand. Everyone is a hustler and most people have off the wall means of making money.

but informal employement keeps them stuck in the slums and because so many informal businesses come from them, it turns into a shadow economy and before you know it the slums are a main attraction and keep multiplying.

this is a real actual problem in Africa.

people build illegal homes on top of roads, infront of actual houses, and in the case of Makoko, literally on top of water. These slums create their own eco system and way of life that make them hard to get rid of.

in Makoko, because land is expensive and scarce in Lagos, people have literally made a city on water out of scrap iron and trash.

Now, the reason i gave the back story on slums is because thats the problem. These people aren't at 'home'. this isn't their home, it's more comparable to a tent by a river during the gold rush.

these people come from the village, and the average village in nigeria and most of africa is 100% more comfortable and easy to live in than an urban slum.

the issue is africans don't want to be comfortable. comfort is a VERY low priority for african people and it's pretty universal continent wide. If allowed most africans will literally work 24/7 and not take a break. They don't care. They just want to be rich.

now what is a 'village'. Again because of colonial racist terminology, a village is ANY thing that's not a city. a town.

this is what the average village looks like

just a small town. it's poor, there's little to no employement outside of civil service for a hand ful of people petty farming and petty craftsmanship, but this is a village. all that grass hut shit needs to chill.

they're also 100x better as far as standard of living than slums, but because of culture africans dont give a flying fuck about comfort or standard of living, they want to be rich so they can go back to the village and build a baller ass house and they know they wont get rich staying in the village and being comfortable.

Robert Mugabe is called evil because he demolished the slums in Harare.
the BBC was quick to say he was the 'hitler of africa' and he was tearing apart people's homes. He pioneered a very important movement in africa by doing this because we've all come to terms that if someone builds and illegal structure it needs to be removed. That same BBC, tell me the last time England allowed anyone to build a fucking house of scrap metal in the middle of the street, in a water fountain, or on the roof of someone elses house. Here in the US i get fined for not mowing my grass, let alone building a random house on top of a railroad track.

the slum i posted in lagos, Makoko, has now been demolished. most of the residents were happy because it's a sign the the government is now working. they're not going to go back to the village though until they're rich so the saga continues.
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