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snort tha crystal methadone outta piles, fuck tha lines yo / half gram per hit of coke make my dick explode / after it grows, I wear extensions, I’m garrulous / tha barrel spit 16 ‘n’ I throw tha empty magazine / semi-automatic battles splash, what I craft tha holy channel at séances ‘n’ make Beyonce’ self-conscious / twisted, but don’t get me twisted, I’ll spit ill limericks in poetic symbolism with less conscience than Pontius puttin’ God on a cross / fuck with God ‘n’ you’ll get shot up like Pac / floss ‘n’ you’ll get robbed like flocks of marks spotted by tha crime mobs of Hip Hop, heads get lopped off / I am, tha verbal scofflaw who gargles vodka outta 5-gallon bottles surrounded by Black models that sniff lines in they sinus / I signed my life away on a death certificate / my pen’s a pyx ‘n’ I devise tha Eucharist, your last Rites / I chastise tha mic with euphemisms I spit / my rhymes baptise entire cliques ‘n’ inspire a bitch to disrobe from her attire, I crumble empires quick…
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