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life is like an uphill battle between MCs, I keep ninjaz intrigued by tha words I retrieve / skirmishes with tha sharp verbage is how I smite / sword swervin’, germ warfare, ribonucleics is laden with slow death / in flies crows, ravens ‘n’ note clefs that’s so fresh I left both Mozart ‘n’ Bach deaf / I hock phlegm ‘n’ got 10 added due to strikes, if you gonna do crime make sure you fuckin’ do it right/ pull an O.J. ‘n’ lose tha bloody knife / my glove fits ‘n’ I scuffle injustice / tha rough draft ruffian with umpteen clips / scuzzy bitch, I huff ‘n’ puff ‘n’ blow your house in ‘n’ write my rhymes with a fountain pen / Southern Cali, fucker, Spun Fernando Valley, fucker / luck of tha draw ‘n’ y’all lost it via toxic gun brawls / novices have tha gall, it’s like talkin’ to a wall / punk, just lay back ‘n’ gargle my balls / I turn ciphers to verbal circle-jerks when I manipulate a term / intimidate tha track with fully automatic slurs ‘n’ slap a verse with my backhand / remarkably, I do it without leavin’ a mark, brains get branded…

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