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I stay heavily medicated, exceptionally educated / accessory after tha fact, destruction of your habitat / bird’s eye view of how civilization collapsed / neurotransmit my syntax thru a synapse connection / emphatic Zen impassive, solid insoluble thoughtwave / convex to concave, copulate with rhymes in tha stockade / tha vox populi is dumb ‘n’ blind, hump ‘n’ grind to ovulate, yo – you feel my full body’s weight? dragon pull poppy chase down tha folded foil over flame / turn tha globe, etch in stone Milo’s name / is it a grave? dick up in your face, my hairy Caucasian nuts get served to you on a dinner plate / nickel plated statements loaded with hollow point phrases / pierce you with clichés, fuck tha everyday he say she say / don’t turn your backside to my evil ways, for I chastise captives who neglect to capitulate their minds / I molest ‘n’ rape tha mic bejeweled in regalia, ready ‘n’ fueled for iron duels, hands on my genitalia / I wail flashin’ tha verbal Holy Grail / trapped in a cell cuz jail’s like 9 inch nails…
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