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Originally Posted by Fatal Guillotine View Post
Could someone breakdown the double hearted nature of the modern man as spoken of by the Hopi?
The heart is the seat of consciousness. It's the launchpad of all human action.

The heart we were born with is the heart that knows no fear and does things according to the order of nature. As indeed we were once all connected, we all still are. THe heart that a lot of us seem to have grown into, is the heart that isn't a heart at all, it's a machine that feeds on fear. I say fear because most of us seek to have things exactly measured, computed and explained. All the while forgetting that, compared to the whole of creation, what we can experience with the 5 senses is less than a fraction. In layman's terms, most people want the light on. All the time. Turn the light off and people panic because the boogie-man might, "get them".

People talk about meditation and it's benefits. (True Heart) People don't practice it, practice it once in a while, or practice it and don't take what they've gained out into the world to share with others. (Modern Heart)

A person will read a book about strategy and overcoming one's opponents. (True Heart) When faced with an actual opponent with a great amount of provisions, firepower, cavalry, infantry, spies, etc. and they do not apply what they read or quote so often. (Modern Heart)

Everything starts with a slight movement and it gradually builds into something unstoppable. A man or woman with a double-hearted nature will see a disaster coming, know how to prepare for it and straddle the fence until the fence and everything around it is reduced to ashes.

Single heartedness only means connectedness to everything around you in the most fearless way fathomable. Not wasting a lot of time with words and spending most if not all time with proper actions. Most importantly, cultivation of the Self is always for the Self. Most cultivate simply to impress onlookers.

The ancient peoples like the Hopi, judged you not by what you said, read or planned on doing, but what you did. Who you were as a person in the heat of battle that is life. Everything else was just lip service.

So the question is, who lives up to the best that they can be? Who strives to be a light among Mankind and all Creation? And who just plays the role?
"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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