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Originally Posted by spiggity_ace View Post
isnt there a conflict in the dem republic of congo thats killed like 2 million people in 10 years or something because of the fleeing tutsis or was it hutus into the area?

africa really interests me, i wanna visit ethiopia one day
yeah. Congo has always been very problematic.

They had the most brutal colonial regimes in the history of the world.
After independence their founding father, Patrice Lumumba refused to remain silent about belgian atrocities in the congo. He was one of the few educated men in the country and did a lot to free the country from the beligians.

we'll, the cia and the belgians first conspired to break the country apart and make him look an like incompetent and brutal leader if he retaliates against the western funded independence rebels. He didn't, so they assassinated him and put Mobutu in power.

Mobutu was a thief that was willing to do anything to be powerful. This is a common situation in Africa. Being for african interests makes you by nature adverse to western interests so they'll try to paint you as evil and if that doesn't work, kill you and put someone else in power. Since that person they put in power has no moral backbone and is a piece of shit as can be seen by selling out their country, the country usually goes down hill from there and they loot it dry.

Mobutu was a brutal dictator but he was able to stop the rebels (in all reality the west told them to chill and they did). So when Mobutu was over thrown for being a corrupt thieving scumbag. It created a power vaccuum that was made worst because western and even african countries swarmed in to loot it's resources (congo is technically the richest country in the world in minerals, but instability won't let it happen)

this caused a giant messy war fought by proxies in the east over minerals and leadership of the country. Once Kabila won it went from the three sided war to a two sided but waged on until very recently. It's died down but rebel groups still control the east and it's largely a bloody cease fire.

Rwanda is currently accused of funding rebels groups to loot Congo of diamonds and many western companies have private proxy armies in the country still raising hell. The country was really never given a chance to exist. It's been under constant attack since day one, so in the process 2 million+ ppl have died.
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