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Knolege is Self, plot to increase tha wealth / broke my neck when tha whip flipped without tha seatbelt / sport tha ski mask ‘cuz I make it cold in hell / holdin’ Ls, spittin’ out shells when I exhale / dispel myths, yet ignorance is heavy in communities / jealousy just fuels me harier than werewolves under full moon lunacy / Ludwig von Bee Thoven rap, ya’ll know Lindsay Lohan should be slapped with a backhand / while I swipe her De Beers ‘n’ trade tha ice bracelet for some beer / Science gives a fuck, armored harder than a Brinks truck / all y’all rappers is cream puffs ‘n’ I’ve seen enough to reach out ‘n’ touch, if weed is bud then I’m a BUDSMOKER / beer drinkin’, breath stinkin’, shit, I still corrode my nose like I was 15 except now I know Da Vinci’s Code ‘n’ cut fuckers’ earlobes like Van Gogh ‘n’ often feast ambrosia

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