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kill uncivility with fatal guillotines / act righteous or get cast down ‘n’ smited like Angel of Light shit/ Illuminati, 33 Degree Masonics, tha Last Time of Days’ upon us / modern day Babylonia United Slaves, dope’s cleaned with acetone ammonia / I crave Saved By Tha Bell rang / Lark Voorhies, spark tha vocal cords with verbal stories / more heartfelt than Morrisey, behold I ride a pale horse / perceived to breathe heavy like coke fiends, searchin’ for pebbles of rock dropped on the upholstery / you know it’s me cuz I unload tha toast for bread / I heard 4 of your bars God, you ain’t no threat / what I said’d break legs ‘n’ crack a cranium like a dozen eggs / duckin’ tha federales though I deadringer tha composite sketch / I pickpocket skaters with chains on their wallets ‘n’ splash tha internet with text messages from Intertechs…
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