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cue me in, I spazzola Manola MCs who fold in / I flame ‘n’ burn coal, broke right through tha Trojan/ spoke tha slogan precise how Science wrote it, I seen punks with fat trunks like tha hoes tha size of Oakland / semis spit ‘n’ land right in colons, your style’s colostomy, I wonder where you stole it / throwin’ rhymes, it’s Nolan Ryan on tha mic ‘n’ I advise kids I’m tha paradigm ‘cuz with tha mic I terrorize from thugs to abstracts / tha backpacker Twist, note tha asterisk / my Hip Hop’s like Lazarus ‘n’ tha Savior of Nazareth / Nazarenes, casually dressed casualties lose fatal faculties, who wanna laugh with me? happily ever after…
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