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tha way I archeology philosophies is wicked like Mephistopheles / my diction digs in wigs diabolic in coffins ‘n’ caskets / Science always got his thoughts cocked back under his Osh Kosh B’gosh jacket ready to snatch chains ‘n wallets / I admonish immaculate, tha rap Monteque splash you Capulets accurate / I smash you half-wits like Cassius, damages traumatic happen - look at Milo’s brain, cabbage was once placid / graphics freed graffitti bandits, BDS masterpieces / tha creed of weed smoke everywhere, rivals revel me / they wish they’re on tha same level as me, Milo, I flow heavily like bitches’ periods / severest like Syrians fightin’ Israelis, Yahweh, He’ll never fail me / I attract hoochies with tha fat tails ‘n’ tight coochies / loosely every rhyme I spit is based on Science life / MCs, you ain’t no match for my Hip Hop, you’ll be victimized…
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