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at your services, my verse disperses words that get tha Earth to spin, in perverted terms I leave courts adjourned / swarms of dwarves is coerced by what I export over tha drum kicks, felt tips script tha thunderous rhyme that dryhumps tha mic device / mega like a gigabyte, forever battle when I dim tha lights / larger decibals, move tha decimal, I facilitate correctional / hetero sexual, incandescent, flex my testicals from which sparks fly / genuine article from the archives, my art of 16, the archenemy of apartheid / read my lips, spread ‘em apart, right? et cettra, my Beretta 9 lets off 5 ‘n’ dislodges spines / dissolvin’ minds like natural enzymes ‘n’ Alzheimer’s / rusty shanks ‘n’ 25 to lifers ‘n’ what I’m aspirin’, to grab ahold of / now just wait a minute – hold up, I splash tha memorable criminal bodhisattva venerable shit that flashes thru tha temporal / atypical visual crafter rough drafts that ask for reciprocals yet none can match them / waxin’ poetic havoc, jams is what I traffick in / fold my thoughts in half, I get 20 bars…
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