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I’m here to ressurrect it, my flow hurts minds like urinary tract infections ‘n’ my Hip Hop is pure with obscure references / address how I lunge at tracks / kids cringe, pull tha plunger back / pierce tha flesh with a dirty syringe filled with real rap that claps blue steel / I walk tha yard with 16 bars concealled, I spot tha God across tha field / he snitched on his own homeslice to cop a deal / SNY or GP don’t matter, ya talk to placas, ya squeal / palabra, I’m tha God-Child noddin’ out / sniff ‘n’ snort tha White China ‘tween her tits, my trigger finger itches / draw my sword ‘n’ I extort lyrics, double-edged, off with your head / like Meth said - “Watch Ya Step, Kid, Protect Ya Neck” / full-fledged, accept tha collect / eclectic muse, I promise threats with a short fuse / these rhymes’ll stripsearch ya whole crew / ya sister, ya mama ‘n’ your buttaface cousin too…
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