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classic framework laces tha track, paper splashed with rap so dope you insert it in your vein pain refrain Blunted Stanza / punish the wack with flame thrown at they lame poem that wouldn’t be dope even if I wrote it / omens is ominous, tha pen strikes spoken apocalypse, ven aqui, I’ve dockets of epiphanies / make sure it’s roasted if you got beef ‘n’ polly with a burner / like Nat Turner I had a vision / manifest text that’s apex ‘n’ zest with depth that separates tha ex-skeleton from your ex-flesh / with finesse I molest tha alphabet with conceptual hymnals doper than coke bindles, I sniff piles off my C-file / buck wildin’ ruffneck ruckus rough draft assassin, left my handprint on rap as big as Los Angeles / lampin’ with a clip in tha mic, spit with spite ‘n’ smite internet sites with tha might of Intertechs at night with infrared lights / battlin’ Mandarin Cantonese, a half-attractive Anglo-Saxon that dampens panties of a half-Japanese bitch that likes to sip semon / I rhyme for reasons beyond my control / thoughts fill up my mind like demon possession…
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