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bare in mind, I designed tha universe / my heritage, tha God that defeats you heretics / I get applause from any crowd, semiautos ‘n’ 4 pounds ‘n’ bravos to tha novels I endow / diarrhea of tha mouth but you ain’t sayin’ shit, every 3rd round’s a tracer so I could see at night when I spit / I like tarts as thick as Buffy that got a gluttony to put it in they mouth, my darts is sharp as serrated cutlery / MCs don’t wanna fuck with me, flare an 8th, inhale exhale, tha Earthplane incinerates when my pen filets with ink, lines of menacing thought - the epiphanies of a earthbound God / lauded, I snap tha olive branch in half ‘n’ shove tha “peace” in your scary-ass, fuck tha populous / you fairy MCs need not talk yo, you could spare tha Gods, I attack with Mortal Kombat combos / the Original Sancho that taught Eve tha Kama Sutra ‘n’ there was no STDs right between that hoe’s hooters / I kissed tha nape of her neck ‘n’ tasted cunnilingus in her flesh, tha Cunnin’ Linguist spits tha best…

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