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Originally Posted by GhostlyRaes View Post
what if they just renamed all the tracks we already heard and released it as an album?...But in all seriousness hopefully this shit comes out soon cuz the past few albums i got (k.lamar, Mic Tyson) been dissapointing. I know ghost wont dissapoint as long as the production is hard.
Originally Posted by Jin10304 View Post
The title track isnt renamed. It features GFK, Rae + all 3 LOX members, that lineup doesnt exist.
i actually wouldnt mind if everything we've already heard was included as half the actual tracklist, but renamed and mastered. i LOVED everything they dropped so far, and i'm hardly a sheek fan.
GFK has absolutely ripped to shreds every WU-block track so far. he reminded me why he's my 2nd fave MC of all time.

i REALLY hope "hands up" is on there under a diff name. that is my fave 2012 joint so far.

how the fuck is the title track produced by rza gonna get dropped!?!?!?!?!? (kinda like "watch ur mouth" on 8D....killer lead song gets dropped)

lets not forget.....maybe there will be BONUS tracks?!?!?!?!?!?!

cant wait......i have HUGE expectations for this! and my expectations for hiphop music have plummeted over the past few yrs!
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