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theproph grasshopper

hit the underground like a runaway slave bet i step away from this battle unscathed
ain't one stage I step on and get phased its more like i sunbathe
embrace the heat and show how to son raise
receive more praise than a fucking sunday double Ms a G and I don't need no gunplay
snatch the milk off ya lunch plate throw it in the street
walk away like shits sweeter than a fucking bunt cake
cunt face you pussy straight down to the labia
give ya bitch deez nuts and it only gets crazier
probably cause I'm raping her colder than a glacier
soundtrack for this shit is Julio Iglesias
I know she love that spanish shit imma fucking boss and I don't mean management
I'd prolly get tossed for sexual harrassment
bitches get accost cause I know they don't have no sense
roll solo like I'm Harrison smoking on that loud which blare in the projects
last time I checked I don't come from Maryland
niggas think they funny like Darryl in the office
I take away they mic and make come off it whoa nellie better stop with that horse shit
fore I turn this battle to a motherfuckering horror flick
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