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Originally Posted by INF View Post

I was searching kick ass torrents for some old animated g.i. joe episodes and on the first page was episodes for the show 'renegades' , so I skim the list and had to laugh when I seen the title "brothers of light" and it was episode number ........13.aaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha , I'm gonna watch it and then come back with a review (I'm sure I'll have something to report).
Originally Posted by INF View Post
not even 3 minutes into this episode and the all-seeing eye came up. Full review with pictures coming soon.
First , I wanna say that - this episode made me want to watch this whole season or series. Here is the only season available right now

I'll be checking that out later.

Now for the breakdown of the 'brothers of light' episode (ep.13)

I already said how there was the all-seeing eye early on in the episode , well , here is what happens -

The Joes are supposedly on the run in this series for crimes they didn't commit (hence renegades) and they are traveling here and there , they stumble upon this lady in the road and she is lost and disorientated but leads them back to where she came from which is a cult camp of sorts.When they get to the grounds of the cult is where you see the eye in the pyramid , at their front gate.

Once they make it in they see what is like a few huge buildings or temples and many more triangles with eyes and whatnot. Basically these twins are in there running game with the ancient knowledge and they even turn most of the Joes except Tunnel Rat. Tunnel Rat has the lead for this episode and it really made me think because ..... Tunnel Rat ...underground ...... this guy saved the day in this episode and was the only one besides Snake Eyes to not get hypnotized by the brothers of light.

This goes back to a few other movies such as the one I posted from back in the day with Bill Cosby where he was in that occult group and they went to go bet on Jimmy Walker in that boxing match and put the whammy on him and biggie smalls. Same kind of stuff here.

Back to the g.i. joe episode , Snake Eyes pulls some shit and together with Tunnel Rat they break the spell and 'save the day'. It was funny because a key phrase that was repeated during the conclusion was Divide and Conquer.I think they might have also said destroy and rebuild.

So besides the pyramids and likeness to other occult films and occult phrases, I want to also point out that the backdrop of the cult grounds that I was talking about with the temples or whatever ... that shit looked just like in the movie Metropolis. If you don't know about Metropolis then just google its images and instantly you should get the idea.

I know that also , I have seen a movie recently where a person was picked up on the road and led the group back to some type of cult or set up situation but I can't remember the film.Maybe one of you know a film like that????

I want to also randomly note that in this whole series , Cobra Commander has one eye covered.He is shown once in this episode 'Brothers of Light'.
Also My bad but ,I didn't take the time to make and upload any pictures because this episode is blatant as hell (all seeing eye EVERYWHERE) and I put up the links for anybody to watch the episode and even the series of 20 something episodes.

all in all a really GOOD find here , even for the entertainment factor, G.I. Joe was my shit as a kid. It's amazing going back to look for it and finding this , it was pure



okay one last thing -

at the end of the episode there is a 'in memory of'

I googled the name and found that it was an animator/artist that died of cancer and GUESS how old he was when he died????


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