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I raid your apartment with sharp nine millimeter bars ‘n’ split your face apart / cover my face with a scarf / yo, who dealt tha tarot cards? read ‘em close yo, I’m tha God, tha death peddler / red alert, God’s razor sharp, spit a poisonous dart carried in tha Ark of tha Covenant / there’s no recoverin’ from tha ruckus I start / destruction decimates fuckers ‘n’ tames cluckers, I make ‘em return tha rocks / my Hip Hop, snort it up both tha left ‘n’ right snotboxes / tha Boxcutter Pontiff cuts tracks ‘n’ has little conscience of it like Pontius Pilate had Christ put on tha cross ‘n shit / cognizant of what not, I’ve seen tha Light with my 3rd eye See-Alike consciousness / a Messianic Gentile spits in tha cipher forever, et cettra with twin Berretas / I leave MCs jaundice ‘n’ despondant ponderin’, hyperventilation from what I’m sayin’…
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