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respect, tha 4 Elements, etched within my skeleton / thoughts is felon shit ever since I blessed tha melanin / connect malevolent threats from U.F.O. intelligence extraterrestrials on Earth power verse sharp like Gillette / bars flash finesse when Milo’s mental flesh reached out ‘n’ molests the alphabet, from tha back / reamin’ heads like a White Grecian / teachin’ heathens when I’m speakin’ on tha mic like Jesus / life’s a battle, like tha Chosen Tribes of Semites versus Odomites, Hittites, Syrians, Sumerians ‘n’ Philistines / Science, tha Messianic Judeo, settin’ rhymes aflame like Waco / against Milo, you’ll get your face blown / you’re all presto chango like Fat Joe sayin’ “mang” or “shawtie” / splash you fake personalities ‘n’ make tha water choppy / tha Cocky Purist that you copycats fax / YouTube’s got you cats swallowing my urine while I rap scat jazz / I’m Whittier than Raz Kazz / yo, did you catch that? if you did, you recognize a lyricist that shines when Hip Hop sticks like sweaty crotches / my cock spits when tha Glock clicks ‘n’ my moccasins is splotched with blotches of hemoglobbins / seepin’ down to my socks / forms of camoflauge develop when Twist makes tha pen script / I leave wigs Auto Immune Deficient like Hatians, Malasians ‘n’ millions of Brasilians / thick chickens with big lips, hips, titties ’n’ asses that’s gargantuan / African, Anglo-Saxon, Latin ‘n’ Asiatic / yet I digress though / echo chamber / you shoot blanks ‘n’ got no taste / fuckin’ lame, you’re as fake as tha son Jepetto made / I’m so so def, yet you’re tha ones that need hearin’ aides/ I’m tha White Canibus ‘cuz I’ll never explain…
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