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my train of thought’s tangeant / I rep tha County of Los Angeles / hypnotic hype barrages how I’m imaginative / tha Verbosest Vocalist on some United Soviet Socialist Chernobyl shit / shout out tha Talmud with styles inspired Medina, Mecca, Boogie Down ‘n’ Shoalin / I leave tha mic endowed with a callous / sharper than razors taped to 2-headed falcons’ talons / malice is embedded in tha track/ tha mic claps, like 5 Macs / my accent’s visionary like hype tracts / inact tha Twisted Science Act ‘n’ my iron-clad pen ‘n’ pad attack slurs / make sure ya hyphen that verse / I rep White suburbanites, Ventura ‘n’ Hayvenhurst / flirt with Death, smokin’ Sherman Helmsley dipped in Benson ‘n’ Hedges, hazin’ rap pledges with metaphors that’s like euphoric like Mormon dogmatic polygamy / real rappers wanna spit with me…
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