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tha way I say shit is high graded, praises to tha God, reminded of tha last rites, tha last days / abrasively drapin’ tha fake with facial lacerations, datin’ Kim Kardashian fat ass hoes that remain nameless / searchin’ for oasis in Babylon, kilograms ‘n’ fat booty Black bitches from tha Amazon / MCs leave ciphers with bloody panties on, I guess they should’ve brought they tampons/ my pen is vindictive ‘n’ I’m cheap, I wear imitation Timberlands with no resemblance to another rapper’s treatise / sentence, diatribes, monologues or soliloquy / tha ill from me splash like a nine millimee / ya killin’ me with that verbal garbage you present/ I’m sick, I lace blunts with arsenic then I hit it like from tha back / my rhymes is like lines of prope dope mixed with shards of Coke bottle glass…
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