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Originally Posted by Jin10304 View Post
To me for a kung fu film the plot didnt need to be overtly intricate, they all have interconnecting goals Q.T. style..

Thaddeus= Feels awful that the weapons he made for the Lion Clan where used in a horrible way. He also wants to free Lady Silk from the whore house by buying her out from Madame Blossom. He also seeks revenge against Brass Body

Jack Knife= Hired to make sure the governor's gold makes it through Jungle Village to another village in the north.

X-Blade= Revenge seeker against Silver Lion for a henious crime.

All while the other clans contact Thaddeus to make them weapons to steal the gold
wasn't thaddeus the slave rza was rumored to play in Django Unchained. i taugh his name here was blacksmith. an to the other Fool who posted above. U consider a 20 million dollar movie, low budget b-movie.
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